A clone that is more than expendable



Being a clone, the one whom his comrades call “Slip” didn’t really have that much of a backround, that he knows of. Like all clones of the Grand Army of the Republic, Slip came from Kamino. Raised alongside his fellow brothers and made for war, Slip was not intended to have much of a personality, nor any sort of traits that make him “different”. However, Slip was soon on in his training recognized as being somewhat better than other clones, both in intellect and in physique.

Slip was originally put into a typical squad, led by a clone that the others called “gunny”, the sergeant of the squad. Durring this time, he underwent strict millitary training, using virtual simulations to test his combat ability. Durring one simulation, the entire squad other than Slip and Gunny was wiped out. Gunny was badly injured, and Slip ended up saving him when he supposedly slipped and fell. The name stuck, and he was promoted to corporal soon after and moved into a special forces unit led by commander Cale Starkiller.

After his tranfer, Skip went to the planet of ______ and began to aid in training a unit of enlisted troops. Starkiller had Slip train with the new soldiers to become more aquainted with his new unit. Durring this time, Slip met; _____, a Trianii scout, Kar ____, a Duros scoundrel, the Miraluka jedi ______, and a Lumen medic named _____.

Slip, like most of the original clones, was first tested by fire at the Battle of Geonosis. His first mission was a successful capture and distruction of a key seperatist outpost. However, the second and third missions weren’t so successful. Durring the second mission, Slip’s entire unit, save a select few, was wiped out, and the third mission ended in the death of the Trianii.


Although most clones were made to have little or no free will or personality, it would seem that Slip is an exeption. He makes sure that what work needs done is done, though he doesn’t beleive in “all work, no play”, attempting humor to lighten the mood of the war.

The Battle of Geonosis had a profound impact on Slip. Watching the extermination of nearly his entire unit, Slip had begun to get accustomed to the death of his brothers, though that image remains, haunting his dreams. He also cannot get the picture of his friend, _______, staying behind to compleat the mission, giving up his life. Slip, from that point on, will not forget himself, and sees he and his brothers as the only ones that are “expendable”.


Being a soldier, Slip’s goals are usually mission-oriented. However, Slip wants to avenge the deaths of all of his fallen comrads, and living through the war wouldn’t be too bad either.


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